What makes a great collaborative community workplace?



What makes a great collaborative community workplace?



Creative HQ – Room 1


A roundtable breakfast discussion

A round table breakfast discussion for people who run or support collaborative, multi-organisation workplaces. We’ll talk about what makes for a great space and brainstorm solutions for some of the tricky stuff. We’ll discuss and explore topics such as environment & experience, community engagement, business support, operations admin and how we work through some of the issues of cohabitation.
Ticket includes a light breakfast and a donation to the Wellington Homeless Woman’s Trust.


Who’s it for?

Humans who help to shape and, or, run collaborative workplaces. Especially humans who work in operation management, community coordination, and humans working as Office Managers and Coordinators.


The Mindset Shift

You will come together with like-minded individuals to share and discuss combined insights and learnings on how to create and maintain great collaborative, community-driven workspaces.

Event Duration

2 hours

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