UX & design researchers: looking after your psychological and physical safety



UX & design researchers: looking after your psychological and physical safety





When conducting design research we enter new unfamiliar environments and interact with the public. We need to look after our own and our team’s psychological and physical safety. Lucy and Kanhika will cover some of the things we consider at Springload to maintain safety on design research projects.

Who’s this event for?
If you’re a design researcher, UX designer, or if you manage a team who do user research or testing.

About the hosts

Kanhika is a Lead Experience Designer at Springload. Her happy space is in early-stage research, ideation, and testing — working in the social impact and environmental sustainability space. Kanhika received a fellowship to study on Stanford University’s Graduate Design Program and a scholarship for SIGM at the Stanford Business School. She’s run a mobile dating startup in California and developed educational tools with Mumbai-based IL&FS Education. Before Springload, she worked as a senior experience designer at PwC on projects for ACC and the Ministry of Health. Creativity is in Kanhika’s blood. She makes short films and is working toward curating a show of her ceramic jewellery creations. To refuel, she’s never far from a cup of tea. Or a dram of whiskey.

Lucy is an Experience Designer at Springload. She is a design wunderkind. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s her Bachelor of Design Innovation, specialising in Culture and Context. What we do know is that she’s a super-talented UX and UI designer. Lucy loves running client workshops, conducting user research, and figuring out efficient solutions to complex problems. She turns her research into deliverables too, from whipping up wireframes to mapping customer journeys. A self-described open book, Lucy radiates positivity. She’s also a practising Muay Thai kickboxer who has travelled to Thailand to watch some brutal brawls. Long story short: in a fight, you want Lucy on your side.

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