UX & design researchers: capturing informed consent



UX & design researchers: capturing informed consent





It is our responsibility as UX and design researchers to clearly communicate — so participants are informed and comfortable with what they are consenting to do and share in a research session. Informed consent is important not only to protect participants but also researchers. The Privacy Act 2020 will come into force at the end of this year. Hear about how we use the New Zealand Data Protection and Use Policy guidelines to design our information sheets and consent forms.

Who’s this event for?
If you’re a design research, UX designer, or if you manage a team of undertaking user research or testing.


About the speakers

Rachel is an Experience Designer at Springload. As a human-centred designer, Rachel puts people before all else. She investigates the needs of who’s being designed for and deftly combines user experience, user interface and service design to create tested solutions. Rachel started at Springload as a Summer of Tech intern after graduating Visual Communication Design at Massey University – with first-class honours. She explored how design could improve mental health resources by making them more engaging, interactive, and accessible. She’s passionate about using design for social and environmental good and venturing out on tramps and walks. She’s also an ultimate frisbee fanatic who’s slowly winning Springloaders over to the cult of frisbee. She may play socially, but don’t underestimate her competitive spirit.

Lauren, Experience Design Director at Springload, completed her Masters in Spatial Design Architecture at Massey University before realising the full extent of her talents overseas. She’s designed experiences at digital agencies across Australia and the UK, including London’s University of the Arts. Before returning to New Zealand, she refined her practice at Isobar in Melbourne, rising to become their associate design director. Lauren is a performance artist who has worn a 10-metre-long red dress through city streets all around the globe. When she’s not designing experiences or dazzling pedestrians, you’ll find her painting watercolours and crafting furniture. Or, dreaming up her next art project.

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