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The now accelerated shift to new ways of working has highlighted just how crucial it is to have a trust-based team culture. Psychological safety, as a foundation of trust between people, is critical for success in human-centred workplaces. So, if trust becomes our bedrock, how do we practically create and cultivate trust? In this interactive Lab, we’ll explore the elements of trust and try practices where we experience what deep trust feels like and what it enables in us, as individuals, and as teams.


Hosted by Sandra Otto and Lani Dodds – workplace innovation catalysts in the Future of Work Collective, born out of Enspiral right here in NZ where change-makers dream, work and learn together.


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to work with people more effectively. It’s for teams who want to improve their ability to innovate, be agile, creative and collaborative, get better at democratic decision-making, taking risks and pursuing a higher purpose together.


Key Takeaways

– A more profound awareness around trust
– Building deeper human connections
– Practical ways to build trust in all your personal and professional relationships, teams and communities.

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Event Duration

1x 90 Minute Session

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