Thinking the unthinkable



Thinking the unthinkable



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Tools and Methods for Uncertain Times

Are you unsure how to deal with the sea of uncertainty in which we are currently swimming?


Do you want to learn creative tools and approaches to strategy and innovation?


Are you looking for alternative approaches to commonly used tools, like design thinking?


In this workshop, split across all five days of the Mindset of Design Festival, we will run through the arc of a futures project. Each day will consist of a 1.5-2hr online workshop that will introduce key concepts of strategic foresight and futures thinking.


In each workshop, we will dive into the theory and practice of a futures tool or method(s).

Participants will be given a specific futures topic to explore, and supported with collateral to inspire and frame their learning experience.


Key Takeaways

Through attending these workshops you will:

– Increase your understanding of situational awareness and ability to mitigate strategic blind spots

– Examine the future from different vantage points to uncover opportunity and identify challenges

– Challenge your perspectives about change and uncertainty

– Learn new tools and approaches for strategy and innovation

– Build your confidence in approaching the future with purpose and insight



1.5-2 hr sessions will run daily on the 12th, 13th, 14th, 14th and 16th of October starting at 10:00 NZT | 08:00 AEST | 15:00 PST (Previous Day) | 22:00 GMT (Previous Day)



What will we cover?

12th Oct – AWARENESS OF CHANGE – Intro + Situational Awareness + Scanning
13th Oct – PATTERNS + IMPACTS – Signals + Impact Cascades
14th Oct – ALTERNATIVE FUTURES – Scenario exploration through In-casting
15th Oct – PREFERRED FUTURES – Values + Visions
16th Oct – ACTION – Ideas + Opportunity + Wrap up



You will also receive

As well as the workshop collateral, all participants will receive a report that documents the various insights and visions of the future created by participants across the week. This will include weak signals from the participatory horizon scanning process. There will also be short videos and exercises available to complete asynchronously should you be unable to attend a single session.



Who is this for?

The workshop will benefit anyone who wants to explore creative approaches to addressing uncertainty, novelty and emergence. It will also be beneficial to those involved in industries or sectors experiencing high-rates of volatility and those actively engaged in future-oriented design, innovation and strategy, although none-of these are prerequisites for the workshop.

You will be required to have an open, curious mind and be happy working in a team, in an online environment.



Early Adopter pricing is NZD 199.00
This is circa 180.00 AUD | 135.00 USD | 110.00 EURO | 100.00 GBP

This breaks down to 40.00NZD | 27.00 USD | 20.00 GBP per session + Collateral + Report


Early Bird is NZD 249.00
This is circa 230.00 AUD | 165.00 USD | 140.00 EURO | 130.00 GBP


Full value is NZD 299.00 
This is circa 275.00 AUD | 200.00 USD | 170.00 EURO | 155.00 GBP


If you have any questions, please contact us through the “Contact Organiser” link at the bottom of the page.

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Event Duration

5 days (1.5-2 hours per day)

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