Tech innovation in Asia



Tech innovation in Asia



Creative HQ – Room 1


What can NZ learn from the East?

The Asia New Zealand Foundation’s Leadership Network is a group of outstanding young New Zealanders connecting NZ and Asia through business, diplomacy, media and the arts. Many of these individuals have spent time living in Asia, where they have been exposed to different ways of using technology to solve human problems.

Come along to this session to hear four of these individuals touch on their experience in Asia and Q&A on how NZ could also apply some of these technologies.

Breakfast and coffee will be provided.

Who’s it for?

Humans who are interested in humans, human-centred design, problem-solving, technology, cross-continent collaboration

The Mindset Shift

You will gain insights into what innovation looks in Asia, and how NZ can learn from this going forward.

Event Duration

2 hours

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