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Systemic Constellations



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Creating Deep Awareness of Systemic Influences

This Systemic Constellation workshop will focus on illuminating your influences and addressing the potential for change.
Your facilitator is Kathy Tracey. FCIPD, M.Ed, Master Practitioner of Systemic Coaching. During her coaching career, Kathy has regularly coached some of the most senior leaders in Government and Private sector organisations in the Channel Islands and Europe. Her clients have included many senior partners in blue-chip global Law and Accountancy firms, Directors in the Finance Sector, and many Heads of Service in Government Departments. She has returned to the country of her birth and now has a coaching & training practice based in Wellington.
Kathy has been studying and practising Systemic Mapping & Coaching Constellations under the tutelage of John Whittington in London, the author of Systemic Coaching and Constellations (now in 2nd Edition). She completed intensive Practitioner level training in 2015 and is now engaged as one of a small group selected by John to journey on “The Path to Mastery’. Kathy uses Systemic Mapping and Coaching Constellations with her clients and for providing coach supervision.


Who’s it for?

Humans. All of them.


The Mindset Shift

Understanding the impact of all human systems on all human beings. Creating insight into the forces that create and solve problems.

Event Duration

2 hours

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