Springload (Level 6 space)


Fidelity, mindsets, and things to remember

Whether you’re working on a startup, corporate, or government project, prototypes help you explore and test your ideas.

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll be digging into prototyping — what it is, why it’s useful, and how to do it. And then we’ll do some prototyping!

We’ll cover off mindsets, levels of fidelity, and things to remember when prototyping. We’ll also have plenty of examples of different prototyping approaches, and case studies of how we’ve used prototyping on our own projects.


Who’s it for?

Humans who make things. For humans with a good grounding in prototyping who want to deepen their understanding. Humans working as business analysts, project managers, or developers who work with those who prototype and want to understand just what it is they do are welcome too.


The Mindset Shift

You will gain a different mindset for prototyping.

Event Duration

3 hours

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