MOD Opening Summit



MOD Opening Summit





Make sure to attend the opening summit to kick off your festival week right.

Join us Monday morning for a cup of coffee and some good conversations. You’ll get to hear from some amazing humans like: James Hurman (Previously Unavailable and StoryTech), Anna Dean (Double Denim), Bart De Vries (Limber) and Elizabeth McNaughton (Hummingly).


The Skin Deep

Topez Adizes (Tuning in remotely from the US).

(More details coming soon)


Take a load off

Bart de Vries (Limber)

Right now, it is easy to understand if life has you feeling overloaded. We live life at the limits of our capacity when times are good, so what happens when a pandemic, with the extra responsibility, uncertainty, and complexity disrupts our lives? Bart de Vries, Physiotherapist and founder of Limber, sets the scene for MOD by focussing us on the human body. Bart explores how the things we design can give us capacity when we need it most, sharing valuable insights from working with professional athletes, people in persistent pain and his journey with Limber. How can design take a load off?


Design to Change Minds

James Hurman (StoryTech/Previously Unavailable)  

Innovators are much better at creating a world-changing product than they are at convincing the world to let them change it. The role of design in innovation is often to shift people from their default of ‘don’t care’ to ‘care’. James Hurman, founder of leading NZ innovation company Previously Unavailable, will discuss how his work continues to bridge that gap.


Anna Dean (Double Denim)

More details coming soon.


Dealing to disruption by design – insights to get you through

Elizabeth McNaughton (Hummingly)

2020 has brought a global threat and a wave of disruption to all aspects of our lives. At times like this you may find yourself asking a whole bunch of questions for example, How do I look after myself and find energy to care for others? How do I manage all these expectations – my own and others? What matters most to me and how do I protect it? Will this experience make or break me? How do we design for this new context? To help you with these type of questions Elizabeth McNaughton from Hummingly will share the gift of insight gained from interviewing 100 crisis leaders around the world and the experiences of thousands of people affected by disasters and disruption. This keynote is designed to help you do well and be well through times of disruption, stimulate self-reflection and is delivered with a dose of practical insights and tools.

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