Post MOD: the official wrap party



Post MOD: the official wrap party



Te Auaha
65 Dixon Street


We’re once again closing MOD festival with a wrap party, and you are all invited. Let’s get together to compare notes from the week, cheer with a Garage Project beer, and share ideas.

Come on down nice and early to explore Big Pic’s interactive installation. Grab a beverage, build your own furniture, meet new humans, and swap some more Hummingly cards. Once you are all warmed up and you have left the business of the week behind you, get ready to be challenged by some great speakers.




4.30 PM Show starts with MC Dr. Colin Kennedy

Wellington startup panel: shaping our future industries

Ever wondered what Wellington’s startup scene looks like, or how startups are shaping our future industries?

Come along, and hear from a panel of Lightning Lab startup founders.These teams are pioneering the future of food, housing, and transport. Get an insight into what our world might look like in 10 years time, ask questions, see product demos and head off to your weekend inspired by Wellington’s entrepreneurial minds!

Future of food: growing own food and sustainability (Orbit Grown, Reusabowl)
Future of housing (Allhouse, Opoly, Monkeytronics)
Future of transport/mobility (FTN Motion)
Future of language-learning (Chatterize)
Future of media (Third Web)


5.30PM Human-Centred Designer and MOD Poet-in-Residence Gina Garvey

Come ready to share your reflections on your week at MOD and design in the real world with Gina Garvey ( – MOD’s 2020 poet-in-residence, founder of human-centred design agency WonderWork,  public advocate-sufferer of UADDS (Unacceptable and Disappointing Design Syndrome), and sometime contributor to the evil Cards Against Humanity.  There will be silliness, there may be serious strategic chats and for those who turn up, you’ll experience a world-first poetical bonus created live. But ssshh, it’s secret!



6.30PM The Social Dilemma Panel

We tweet, we like, and we share — but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? Inspired by Jeff Orlowski’s documentary, The Social Dilemma, our panel will discuss the human impact of social networking. What does it mean to be an ethical marketer? How can we use social media, the right way? How is social media impacting our health?


Lucy Simpson (Aro Digital)

Ben Forman (Wrestler)

Sarah Tuck (Coliberate)

Ryan Hooper-Smith (YES Alumnus)



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