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Rapid changes in technology and ways of working require new skills, adaptability and re-envisioning learning to ensure we are future-fit. If we feel we aren’t learning fast enough to keep up, is it possible to turn our life and work, with its everyday challenges, into learning opportunities? How can we not only learn FOR work but continuously learn FROM work? How can we turn our life and workplaces into lifelong learning labs?



Hosted by Sandra Otto and Lani Dodds Рworkplace innovation catalysts in the Future of Work Collective, born out of Enspiral right here in NZ where change-makers dream, work and learn together.



Who is this for?

Anyone that wants to keep growing and adapting to stay future-fit. From grassroots contributors to leaders, young to old, freshies to experts alike.


Key Takeaways

– Start your lifelong learning journey
– Gain new perspectives on how to work, learn and grow
– Explore patterns like radical collaboration, distributed leadership and mastery
РExperiment with real practices that you can implement tomorrow

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Event Duration

1 X 90 Minute Session

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