Lessons from Scaling



Lessons from Scaling



Creative HQ
Level 2, 54 Inglewood Place
Te Aro, Wellington


Growing Vend’s people and culture from 2 to 250

Mel talks about scaling the Vend culture – when it was just her and founder Vaughan up until 250 people. She talks through the model that she used (that she outlines in her book Leadership for the Fourth Age).

It promises to be an informative session with some key takeaways to help you do the same in your venture or workplace. Mel will share her philosophy, examples from her days at Vend and with subsequent companies in her work as a consultant.

Mel is a coach, consultant and facilitator focusing on putting the human element back into the workplace. She coaches individuals, and teams to transform their ability to lead themselves and others. She helps build and scale high-performance human-centred cultures.


Who’s it for?

Humans interested in culture and leadership


The Mindset Shift

Learn how to scale a culture, how your leaders impact the culture (and why it’s important that they work on mastering themselves). Explore the importance of creating an environment based on the human connection and how that becomes even more important if you’re working remotely.
Dive into the key tenets to keep in mind when building a culture.

Event Duration

1 hour

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