Introduction to Impact Measurement



Introduction to Impact Measurement



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Start your journey towards adopting an impact-focused approach

Understanding business is essential to the success and sustainability of an enterprise but understanding your problem and more importantly the humans at the centre of your work is pivotal to truly achieving change.

We will take you through the basics of understanding and communicating your story of social and/or environmental impact.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the change you want to make in the world with some provocation of taking a systems-led leadership approach
  • Cutting through the jargon – what do we mean by impact, outputs and outcomes?
  • Why should we take an impact-focused approach?
  • How to use the theory of change framework to tell your story of impact
  • A few simple tips for next steps
  • You will have some useful tools to help you better understand the impact you are creating, communicate that impact to others and know whether what you are doing is working to address social and environmental challenges.

Introduction to impact measurement is suitable for organisations starting their journey towards adopting an impact-focused approach.

Event Duration

1 hour

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