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Inspiration isn’t an outside job. It arises from deep within but often, caught up in our humdrum busyness, we miss its gentle whispers.


Hosted by Sahana Chattopadhyay and Sandra Otto – workplace innovation catalysts in the Future of Work Collective, born out of Enspiral right here in NZ where change-makers dream, work and learn together.


Who is this for?

This lab will take you on a journey of listening.

To attend: bring your open heart, some blank sheets and colours, curiosity, and your whole Self. This journey may open doors where you saw only walls. To that inner nudge, of discovering your North Star. In short, explore what puts that sparkle in your eyes, makes your heart sing, and your life meaningful.


Key takeaways

– Explore what inspiration evokes for you.
– Go within to discover what lights you up.
– Discover your personal North Star.
– Appreciate where your work is already in flow, meaningful and inspiring.
– Grow the inspirational elements of work and life as you step into the future.

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Event Duration

1 X 90 Minute Session

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