Indigenous Perspectives: Designing our future mino biimaadiziwin – living life in a good way



Te Papa Marae, Level 4


A fireside chat

Mino biimaadiziwin is the foundational Anishinaabe conception of how to live life, reflective of personal responsibility for growth, change, and acting in an honourable way.


Through the lens of mino biimaadiziwin, the panel will explore what it means to be a citizen of an Indigenous nation; creating sustainable relationships and engagement with settler culture and government; and how Indigenous conceptions of belonging can change the way we understand our responses to climate change. 


The Mindset Shift

  1. Understanding Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  2. Exploring how cultures of disconnection have fractured our climate
  3. Discerning the relational shifts necessary to rewrite our future


Hosted by Hanna Waswa.


Hanna Waswa is a Two-Spirit Anishinaabe from Treaty 9 territory in the country currently known as Canada. Descended from both settler and Indigenous communities, she occupies a unique space in the tension between settler culture and Indigenous sovereignty. She is working to challenge established systems of bureaucratic oppression and intergenerational trauma through community empowerment.


Hanna currently serves Eabametoong First Nation as an elected band councillor focused on community planning, infrastructure, and language revitalization.

Event Duration

3 hours

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