Guiding Change in An Agile Environment



Guiding Change in An Agile Environment



Creative HQ – Event Hub (Level 2)


A design-oriented change mindset, tools and techniques to guide change in your organization

Navigating and guiding continuous change is instrumental in enabling organisations to adapt to an evolving landscape, to be resilient in the midst of innovative technologies and to maintain an engaged workforce. Openfield Institute’s intensive 2-day, practical deep dive into the world of organisational change blends the disciplines of organisational change management, design thinking and Agile to help you enhance skills and adopt a resilient approach to guiding change in your organisation.


This masterclass is facilitated by Sandra Daniel. 


The Mindset Shift

The course will cover a four-step model to guiding change, from understanding your global systems to designing an approach and change-mapping.

Openfield Institute will pull apart methods and practices from design thinking, traditional organisational change management and agile to help you better understand ‘the why’ behind a tool so you can select a fit-for-purpose approach for your own organisational context. We will focus on:

  • Capabilities and Mindsets: the skills, capabilities, mindsets and principles for embedding a resilient approach to guiding change.
  • Global Systems: Why we need to consider our influencers and degree of complexity before defining an approach to guiding change.
  • Purpose Definition: practical tools and tips for getting to WHY.
  • Design: The basics of outcome identification.
  • Change Implementation: how to do change mapping and the advantages and opportunities in leveraging agile approaches for organisational change implementation.
Event Duration

2 full days

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