Gaining Self Mastery



Gaining Self Mastery



Creative HQ – Room 1


The key to leadership and building high performance cultures

As Socrates said “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. In this session, Mel Rowsell talks through what she has learnt about self-mastery and why it is the key to both leadership and building high-performance cultures.

Mel is a coach, consultant and facilitator focusing on putting the human element back into the workplace. She coaches individuals, and teams to transform their ability to lead themselves and others. She helps build and scale high-performance human-centred cultures.


Who’s it for?

Leaders of humans and those interested in personal development.


The Mindset Shift

Build your self-awareness. Understand the role your beliefs and values have in your everyday behaviour. Understand your strengths and how you can play to them and identify your triggers and how these can get in the way of you achieving the success you want.

Learn Mindfulness techniques for keeping calm under pressure. Understand the delta between how you see yourself vs how others see you, your communication style and how to sand off the rough edges.

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Full day

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