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FUN at work provides connection, creativity, and simply a break! Recent shifts to new ways of working have highlighted the importance of stopping and having some fun together. Fun is proven to enhance teamwork, build trust and increase creativity for innovation. Fun is a way of managing and improving our emotions. This lab is not about telling jokes or making others laugh. We’ll look at how you can bring more fun, creativity and spontaneity into work, in small practical ways you can repeat.


Hosted by Stephen Hollins and Sandra Otto Рworkplace innovation catalysts in the Future of Work Collective, born out of Enspiral right here in NZ where change-makers dream, work and learn together.


Who is this for?

Techies and innovators, team leads and coaches, change catalysts, facilitators, students and really everyone who loves to live and laugh.


Key Takeaways

– Build effective communication and connection.
– Get better at experimenting and taking risks.
– Develop story-telling skills.

Simply: improve the ability to innovate, be agile, creative, and collaborative whilst having a great time together.

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Event Duration

1x 90 Minute Session

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