Designing for People at the Centre



Designing for People at the Centre



275 Cuba St., Creative HQ Level 1


An interactive course

This full-day interactive course will provide an overview of Human-Centered Design and get participants to explore how it can be implemented to solve a wide range of needs.

Participants can expect to get a better understanding of how to think outside their own experiences and find solutions that will provide the highest value to users or customers, reduce risk, and improve product uptake and implementation success.

Who’s it for?

Humans with a desire to innovate, particularly product managers, product owners, developers, business owners and CEOs.


The Mindset Shift

You will be engaged in the five design thinking steps:

  1. Building empathy
  2. Defining the problem
  3. Ideating
  4. Prototyping
  5. Testing

Participants in this session can expect to gain:

  • Tools and methods that they can implement into their own solutioning processes
  • An appreciation for the value of this approach to solutioning
  • Comfort in living into the solution – feeling confident that the best outcome is when we lean on evidence and invite other perspectives
  • Understanding of how to balance user-based evidence, business goals and objectives, and external pressures
Event Duration

Full day

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