Design Thinking 2.0 with Hal (MediaSense) and James (Facebook)



Design Thinking 2.0 with Hal (MediaSense) and James (Facebook)



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In this Design Thinking 2.0 session, Hal Josephson (Founder of MediaSense™ and Program Chair for Project Connect: Great Minds Thinking Differently) will chat with his son in San Francisco, James who is a Product Designer at Facebook and Master’s Degree candidate in Stanford’s Design Impact program. Topics will range from trends in design thinking, challenges amidst Covid-19 and best practices for achieving superlative, impactful results.

Good design makes a HUGE difference. A 10-year study of the Standard & Poor’s index shows design-led companies outperformed other organisations by over 200%.

If you google “Design Thinking” you will come up with enough results to keep you reading for days. The good news is that there is a lot of information out there for anyone looking to better understand what design thinking is and how it can be put to practice. Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, an exemplar Silicon Valley firm fully immersed in design thinking methodology says “The myth of innovation is that brilliant ideas leap fully formed from the minds of geniuses. The reality is that most innovations come from a process of rigorous examination through which great ideas are identified and developed before being realized as new product/service offerings and/or capabilities.”

Design Thinking is not solely about solving problems but about creating optimal solutions that are sustainable over time. A goal is to create solutions that are so well-thought-out that others may see your solution by design as an elegant response to a problem, project or challenge.


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UX designers


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Trends and Best Practices in Design Thinking from San Francisco and Silicon Valley



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90 Minutes

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