Creative Resilience



Creative Resilience



Thistle Hall


Stretch your lateral and adaptive thinking

To anybody looking to stretch their lateral and adaptive thinking, we invite you to a Masterclass on Creative Resilience.

At the cost of a Gua Bao (and your $10 is going to charity), spend an interactive half-day with us learning how to:

  • problem solve using situational awareness and,
  • build collegiality through adversity

You’ll be asked to participate in a hypothetical scenario with your fellow classmates and we’ll explore the cascading impacts of the decisions we make through a major disruption.

If our vagueness has not intrigued you so far, let our final attempt to hook you be that our Masterclass promises to give you the take-home skill of knowing how to play your cards. Interesting.


Who’s it for?

Humans who manage projects, think creatively, movers and shakers.


The Mindset Shift

You will experience an expansion of the way you think about creativity. You will become a more aware and collegial human.

Event Duration

3 hours

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