Collective Decision Making Lab



Collective Decision Making Lab





Decisions accelerate our progress from point A to B. We will unlearn decision myths that create decision detours and land mines. Neuroscience validates that we must integrate the limbic brain + diversity + data to override traps and crystallize decisions that will truly nudge us forward – even amidst uncertainty. We will share specific practices that capture collective intelligence, creativity and commitment for adaptive decisions. Better Decisions Together.


Hosted by MJ Caplan and Sandra Otto – workplace innovation catalysts in the Future of Work Collective, born out of Enspiral right here in NZ where change-makers dream, work and learn together.


Who is this for?

If you make decisions with other people, this Lab is for you – teams, consultants, students. Everyone! Be open to unlearn the traps that lead to poor decisions and derail follow through.


Key Takeaways

Understand how to integrate brain science, human behaviour and data to make better decisions using clear, fast processes.



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1 X 90 Minutes Session

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