Cards Against Complacency



Cards Against Complacency



Creative HQ – Event Hub (Level 2)


Come and play

Cards Against Complacency is a tool for teams and individuals to help kickstart themselves out of complacent ways of thinking. They help you get better results, breathe life into meetings and help people get unstuck.

In this session, Mel will talk through how to use Cards Against Complacency for yourself and your team. She will guide you through using them on yourself to find new energy with something you are currently trying to achieve.

The cost of this session includes a pack of cards.

Who’s it for?

Humans who work in teams and as individuals, of any experience level and any background.

The Mindset Shift

You will learn how to use Cards Against Complacency both for yourself individually and in a meeting context. The session is intended for each person to gain momentum on something important to you.

Event Duration

1 hour

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