Beyond Disposable Urbanism



Beyond Disposable Urbanism





In the 1970s we began to make cities as wastefully as we did our consumer products. Developers gave our cities suburbs that are expensive to maintain and nearly impossible to renew or intensify. What can our urban planners learn from the post-waste movement when it comes to designing for enduring, reusable, and sustainable cities?


Who is this for?

Property consultants, economists, urbanists, planners, developers, architects, engineers, lawmakers, anyone interested in structures and waste.


Key Takeaways

If we think of our cities as a long term, adaptable, and re-usable container for our wellbeing, then our expectation of planning will shift. Attendees will be a part of a generative, multidisciplinary discussion about the values, time, space, and resources that define the spaces we inhabit every day.


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2 Hours

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