Are personas problematic?



Are personas problematic?



Springload – Level 6 space


A panel discussion

At Springload, we’ve been discussing the use of personas in our experience design discipline — and now we want to open this discussion up to everyone.


We’ve drawn together a panel of creative professionals and leaders, who each offer a unique perspective on personas and their use in the human-centred design process:


  • Lauren Skogstad — Experience Director, Springload
  • Sarah Beresford — Anthropologist and Design Researcher
  • Ruth Brown — UX Leader and Researcher, Trade Me
  • Miriame Barbarich — Co-Creator at ĀPŌPŌ Indigenous CreativeTech Programme & Hub, and Co-Founder of Indigenous Design and Innovation Aotearoa

Chaired by Lucy McMaster — Experience Designer, Springload. Join our chat with these creative professionals to delve deeper into this divisive topic.


Who’s it for?

Humans who use personas in their role, whether a UX designer, design researcher, product owner or student.


The Mindset Shift

You will gain insights around:

  • What personas mean to different professionals within the context of human-centered design
  • When and why we use personas
  • How we frame up a persona and how we are at risk of introducing unconscious bias
  • What unvalidated and validated personas look like
Event Duration

1 hour 30

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