Keeping humans in mind



Keeping humans in mind



Creative HQ – Level 1



A lunch-box session for all humans interested in brands, what goes into building and engaging story, developing a human connection between a brand, the company behind it and the audience it’s for – and the common issues brands run into.
Part-discussion, part-networking, the session will start with a short introduction from Kelcey, Brand and Design at Creative HQ, with some starters for ten around the struggles, methods and wins experienced so far in building recognisable brands without losing personality.
The talking points for this session will be:

  • Values – Re-engaging brand values with the vision
  • Authenticity  How do you ‘do’ real authenticity? Can you be an authentic brand while still looking for sales?
  • Content – Getting substance into your content while making it digestible to an audience with short attention spans.

Bring your thoughts and your lunch and let’s discuss!

Who’s it for?

Humans who are interested in brand and design, those looking to work with brands, or from companies looking to re-engage their brand with the people behind it. Or those looking to share their brand experiences and discuss the issues and solutions they’ve encountered.

The Mindset Shift

You will meet with like-minded individuals, build relationships and identify opportunities for how to build or improve how your brand intentions are communicated.

Event Duration

1.5 hours

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