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MOD Wellington 2019 draws to a close but the thinking is just starting…

Join us to wrap up and celebrate a week-long of learning, experience, connection, problem-solving and setting the world to rights.

This wrap party will be relatively low-key and informal and will give attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle with event hosts and the festival organisers, build connections and celebrate human-centred design.

Alongside looking ahead to Future Mindsets, including Mindset of Design 2020, there will be a panel discussion and Q&A with industry leaders which will look at the design for broader societal, environmental and ecosystem outcomes.

The panel:
Join us in a conversation about opening up our ideas and practices beyond human-centricity to consider the rest of the life on our planet, beyond customer-centricity to consider the rest of the people in our communities, and beyond user-centricity to consider everyone else in our society.
Panellists are Chris Jackson, founder of We Create Futures; Serena Chen, speaker and writer on security and design; Dr Hazel Bradshaw, futurist and emerging technology explorer; Miriame Barbarich, the founder of Indigenous Design and Innovation Aotearoa (IDIA) and the Āpōpō co-working space; and Bobby Lloyd, the founder of Reusabowl

Facilitated by Merrin Macleod and Jess Ducey.


Who’s it for?

Anyone that has been participating in the week, anyone who wants to join the community and keep the conversation going, event hosts


The Mindset Shift

Join us to celebrate the week of humans being at the centre of all the things, mix and mingle with the humans behind the events – ask them any burning questions you were unable to in their session or find out more if you missed out on events.

Event Duration

3 hours

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