Companies we love: Big Picture

Tell us about the Big Picture.

We are a unique young team of creatives who help people print stuff! All kinds of cool stuff! We offer everything from design, business cards, flyers and booklets through to outdoor signage, event signage, decals, and vehicle graphics.
Back in 2008, two guys started printing for their fellow uni students out of a closet in a Wellington flat and grew from there into a small store in Aro Valley, we moved into bigger premises over time and now have almost 20 staff across two branches in Wellington and Tauranga and a huge range of capabilities.

This year, you’re joining MOD as a print partner. Why are you supporting MOD? Why do you think human-centred design is important? 

Engaging a ‘human-centered’ approach from day one has been the secret to The Big Pic’s success. Especially now, as more and more companies cut costs by automating processes and taking everything online, retaining a human element is what our clients love about working with us. Building relationships and understanding people drives us, and keeps us motivated day in, day out.We love to support the community where we can and MOD’s focus on ‘human-centered design’ was the perfect project for us to get behind this year!


What are you doing to design with humans in mind every day?

Customer experience drives our decision-making, so while we upgrade systems & machines to keep up with this digital age, we keep things such as our ordering process very base-level & personalised – you’ll always deal with real people. We understand there are nuances to communicating with other humans, and this informs how we help our clients to achieve the best outcomes.

What can MOD participants expect from The Big Picture at this year’s festival?

A bloody good time mate! Expect an activation space to spark conversation and interaction between strangers… that’s all we’re going to share for now.

We hear you are a printing firm on a mission, how do you approach sustainability as an organisation and how are you applying it to this year’s Mindset of Design Festival?

Like many Wellingtonians, we want to do our part wherever possible to become more sustainable. It can be tricky in the print industry with recyclable and compostable materials taking a long time to reach the market – but we’re usually first-in-line to get these in-store & promoted when they do arrive.For this year’s Mindset of Design Festival, we are using entirely leftover materials that are likely not going to be used, but are too good to simply throw out. We wanted to show that you can have impactful collateral, for a one-off event that is recyclable. So often, the wastage from events is pretty crazy. Reuse or recycle it, but for the love of Greta Thunberg – don’t let it go to the landfill!

You have a good reputation in the print industry in Wellington, delivering some pretty amazing campaigns, where does your team find inspiration?

As mentioned, our staff are super creative, we also get on very well as a team – more of a family dare I say. A fun, creative work environment, along with our customers’ visions inspire us!

What is one thing you want people to know about The Big Picture that they may not know otherwise.

Almost the entire crew has a design degree or qualification!